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01 August 2011
"I can't thank you enough for helping to settle my child, you've been patient and flexible and always positive and smiling!" 
Baby room parent

15 August 2011
"Thank you very much for looking after us and giving us such good memories"
Pre school Leavers going to school

6 September 2011
" Thank you for looking after me, you have helped me grow into a well mannered, clever little boy "
Pre-schooler going to school

28 September 2011
"I'll definately be recommending you, my children adore you"
Parent of child who's attended for 4 years +

05 October 2011
"This is a truly wonderful nursery with lots of happy children and dedicated and enthusiastic staff! I would recommend it to anyone looking for daycare!"
Pre-school Parent

05 October 2011
"Both my children went to Aunt Mary's and they have loved every minute! The staff are amazing and have helped them both so much!"
Pre-school Leaver Parent

05 October 2011
"My daughter loves going to nursery, and loves the
staff even more"
Pre-school Parent

29 September 2011
"Wonderful, friendly, warm atmosphere hits you as you enter the nursery. Happy sounds and children’s laughter echoes throughout!"
Pre-school Parent

26 September 2011
"When looking for a nursery I only visited one and knew straight away my daughter would be happy here and I was not wrong"
Baby Room Parent

22 September 2011
The BEST nursery ever!
Baby Room Parent

20 September 2011
Best nursery for miles!
Baby Room Parent

Meals & Snacks
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We provide children with a breakfast,
a full cooked lunch and an
afternoon snack, depending on their hours of attendance.

• Choice of cereal and toast
• Milk or water to drink

• Cooked meal, freshly prepped on site,
• Dessert
• Juice or water

Afternoon Snack
A light snack i.e. sandwiches,
• Cheese on crackers,
• Beans on toast etc
• Fruit (selection) and water

We currently hold a gold award in
“The Golden Grin” a government initiative to help combat tooth decay
and bad eating habits in young children.

We are committed to providing healthy, low sugar foods for the children in
our care.