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What is EYFS
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At Aunt Mary’s we are committed to ensuring that we fully meet all of
the requirements and guidelines set out in the EYFS. All our rooms are arranged into specific areas of continuous provision, with especially chosen resources to offer the most
to the children.
Regular observations are carried out on all children, which help us to monitor their progress, identify their interests and give us a starting place for planning.  Planning is carried out to ensure that the children’s development is progressed and the children are being stimulated and any specific areas of focus can be identified and necessary steps can
be taken.

We recognise that you, as parents are the most knowledgeable about your child.  We appreciate the extra insight you can provide.  The EYFS is about children as a whole, not just while they are at nursery.  Please tell us about things your child has done, and is interested in, so we can include it in the assessment, observation and planning process.
We are open to you at any time to discuss your child, whether this is an informal or a more structured chat.  

Your child’s Key Worker/Room leader is there to discuss your child’s achievements or any concerns you may have. Parents are invited to look at, comment on and contribute to all observations and assessments carried out on their child, and these are available for you to look at, any time.

Outdoor play
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The EYFS puts an even greater focus on the importance of outdoor play for children, of all ages.

We have two outdoor spaces available for the children, and in addition to this make great use of the surrounding natural environment.

We are continually improving the outdoor provision we have to offer, but even what appear to be simple resources can provide invaluable learning opportunities for your child.

While your child is at nursery they will have periods of time outside, irrespective of the weather.

This varies from room to room, according to the age of the children. Outdoor play is so important.

A range of activities will be planned to link to and extend knowledge which is being explored indoors.

It allows children to develop skills
it is not safe to do inside, providing opportunities to run, climb, dig, balance and throw.
Staff involvement
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The children are cared for by a dedicated team of staff, led by a manager and a key person policy is in place to ensure that individual needs are met.

We believe that care and stimulation in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere
helps to support children at each stage of development.

The staff team work together in order to provide a secure and stimulating environment within the nursery.

Everyone is committed to developing creative and imaginative ways of supporting your child, promoting their development in all areas and offering the highest standard of care possible.

This will enable your child to develop a lively and inquisitive mind, gain confidence and independence and begin their education while having fun and making friends.