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About Us
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This will enable your child to develop a lively and inquisitive mind, gain confidence and independence and begin their education while having fun and making friends.

We achieve this aim by;

Following the EYFS and other current legal requirements and legislation.

Providing a variety of challenging and age appropriate play and learning experiences which will enable them to develop and learn new skills.

Providing 'suitably qualified and experienced practitioners' as key workers.

Meeting the needs of each individual child through observation

Liaising with other professionals, forming close links and good working relationships with Rochdale Children's extended services team.

Helping children gain an understanding of fellow people and cultures in order to help children gain a positive self image.

Establishing trusting, friendly relationships with parents/carers.
Our aim is to ensure that
children are cared for in a safe
and stimulating environment
by adhering to all current...

Helping children gain an understanding of fellow people and cultures in order to promote a positive self image in themselves

The children are cared for by a dedicated team of staff, led by an experienced manager, and a key person policy is in place to ensure that every child’s individual needs are met. 

We believe that care and a variety of first hand experiences in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere help to support children at each stage of their learning and development. The staff team work together in order to provide a secure and stimulating environment within the nursery. Everyone is committed to developing creative and imaginative ways of engaging your child, promoting their development in all areas and offering the highest standard of care possible.

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"I can't thank you enough for
helping to settle my child,
you've been patient and flexible and
always positive and smiling!" 
Baby room parent.

"Thank you very much for looking after us and giving us such good memories"
Pre school Leavers going to school

" Thank you for looking after me,
you have helped me grow into a well mannered, clever little boy "
Pre-schooler going to school